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02-24-2013, 07:25 PM
I think the Gal-R got the layout mostly because way back then, the Sovereign had Lt Tac and En Tac, and the Star Cruiser (aka Shovel-head) had Lt Sci and En Sci. The only other layout out there would be an over the top Engineer build.

Really, a Cmdr Eng, LtCmdr Eng, and En Eng wouldn't be bad if there were non-tanky powers at the Ensign level. Engineer powers are weak in regards to diversity. THATs the Galaxy's real problem.

Honestly, I don't think the Fleet Gal-R needs a LtCmdr Tac, that is an out with no end. Sovereign-R has Tac more covered than the Excel-R now. Sci is possible if it takes it further than the Support-R like the Sovereign-R.

Cmdr Engineer----------------------Cmdr Engineer
LtCmdr Sci---------------------------LtCmdr Tac
Ensign Sci----------------------------Ensign Tac
Lt Eng--------------------------------Lt Eng
Lt Tac--------------------------------Lt Sci

This build would bring it more in line with the Captain Galaxy too TBH.

But I'm not sure I like that idea either. I want Cryptic to add more buffing powers that work on the team that perhaps not heal for once or add a wider array of powers in general to the Engineer skill set. That will make the Gal-R playable.

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