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02-24-2013, 09:17 PM
The way I read it, when you fire your Transphasic using Torp spread or HY, instead of causing a mere 10% bleedthrough, the bleedthrough is 20%. Note the wording they used specifically is "bleedthrough", not "shield penetration". The additional 40% shield penetration applies after the bleedthrough has been factored in. That is, of the 80% left, 40% will be penetrated for an effect of 0.4 X 80% = 36% Adding the 20% bleedthrough with 36% effective shield penetration, the total shield penetration that impacts the hull is 56%.

I used to use Quantum Torpedos, Mk XI, very rare (aka. purple) on the same ship, same aft bays, same number of torp and exact same crew. Yet, I was so disappointed that Quantum torp are close to useless so long as the enemy has a tiny amount of shield left that I switched to Transphasic. And yes, I am using Torp Spread 3. I have not been disappointed by the switch, in fact, my torps are actually doing some decent damages now - directly to the hull. Quite often, NPC blew up with their shields still blue, close to intact. Mind you, I am now using Mk XII Transphasic, very rare (purple). It was a beau risque that paid off very well since I did spend a fortune on the Mk XII, very rare torps.