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Originally Posted by hillard1959 View Post
Particularly which arrays I should run these days for normal Borg STFs.

You see, I took a hiatus from the game for a long while. Having just recently returned, I noticed a few things have change. My Assimilated Borg set is Mk XI now, for example. But my Mk X Antiproton Borg Beam arrays seem to be outdated. Now, that not to say that I don't hold my own (for the most part), but I'd like to do better.

So, here I am, asking for advice. Which beams does everyone prefer for Borg STFs? Should I start grabbing Mk XI or wait until I can get Mk XII's? (Fleet Arrays aren't an option for me yet...) Any advice on an upgrade would be appreciated.
As tom61sto said, pretty much everything got a nice buff over the last season, and is generally quite viable unless you're a number-parsing maniac who has to squeeze every last point out of his DPS.

Still, some are better than others for STFs specifically. Given the way those work, Disruptors and Antiprotons still lead in preference, because the special procs of Phasers, Polarons and Tetryons are only barely effective on Borg ships.

The Romulan rep set has given Plasma a new lease on life as well. Tetryons are generally the least favored for STFs.

As for your [Borg] weapons, they're still effective. If you're lacking for cash you can opt not to swap them out, but compared to the newer stuff it's best to regard them as a Blue weapon in terms of overall quality.