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02-24-2013, 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
I think it would be really nice if cryptic were to add Aux powered turrets and Dual Beam Banks. That would solve the weapon power problem.
I have to question people how think like this. I am not trying to call you out but do you understand how power level work?

1st it is nice to have all power in aux. Dual heavy aux cannons allow this. This also mean you loose power from aux when fired. aux power is the heart and soul of a science ship. I would never trade more power out of aux for little dps you would get by having aux turrets. Aux turrets would drain more power from the system power and make your skills less effective and less powerful.

Gravity wells would be weaker, syphon energy would not last as long, and your damage resistance from science captain skills and sub nucleonic would not be as affective.

If you are looking for more dps from your turrets use enregy syphon. This will bost all your power level and help with the power level you are looking for, but don't trade aux power for more dps with pout it coming from a science skill/power.

I wish there was a aux powered dual beam bank for SST only, and I would only be using one.

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