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Originally Posted by thratch1 View Post
Escorts don't need nerfs.

The problem with cruisers and science vessels lies in Engineering and Science abilities. One of the Galaxy-R's biggest problems is that it's loaded with Engineering Boff slots -- the same number of Engineering slots that the Defiant-R has in Tactical slots, incidentally. If Eng and Sci abilities were better, then those ships would be better.

I once suggested that they add an Engineering ability that boosts weapon performance based on the amount of crew a ship has, with huge dropoffs after 1,000. I don't think anyone replied to that, but it was just me spitballing out some ways to fix some issues.

Another huge problem facing the game is Power Creep. We've been playing the same. damn. STFs for years now, but our ships have become more and more powerful, as has our gear. Fleet ships added more durability and more console slots, but the content remained as challenging as it ever was. We're blasting through ESTFs with no challenge, and no incentive to seek out challenge (this is a biggie!). Our benchmark for challenge in this game is essentially ISE, since most people just do that once and hour instead of doing more challenging content like CSE pugs, or even Hive.

Cryptic needs to either add new, non-Borg STFs, or find some way to lure us into more challenging content. Right now our MkXII weapons and full MACO/Omega Force/whatever sets are going to waste on easy stuff because we have no reason to do anything else.

Another issue is that there's no enforcing of the Heal-Tank-DPS trinity in this game. It's so DPS focused without requiring any support. Of course Tac/Escorts will rule this game, when there's nothing for anyone else to do.

In short, escorts aren't the problem -- the rest of the game is. I admit, that sounds dumb on its face, but it's true.
/agree to about 90%.

All the nerfs to tanking/healing didn't help Sci/Crus 1 bit either. I remember when my excel could live thru alphas, but that was before the dark times, before the skillbox nerfs and the nerfs that came with F2P. Then, the beam ACC nerf really iced the cake for crusiers. After this, most crusier people I knew were trying excel cannon boats but personaly I just could never see the reason. You've lost before you start. You want cannons?, fly the escort as it's got the turn rate and engine power to support them.

I just had enough zen from the Lifer account to get 1 of the new escorts and the thing "tanks" better than that excel ever did, all with the exact same build, shield, engine, deflector, and eng/sci consoles. I had left STO for several months due to the fact I just don't want to fly a escort, but this time it's, "can't beat em, join em". "Throw that DPS".

100% correct on this game being total DPS based and that's a sad fact. There is no other role in the entire game than how much shear DPS you can throw. That's why DPS sells so well in the store.