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02-24-2013, 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by thratch1 View Post
Escorts don't need nerfs.


Another issue is that there's no enforcing of the Heal-Tank-DPS trinity in this game. It's so DPS focused without requiring any support. Of course Tac/Escorts will rule this game, when there's nothing for anyone else to do.

In short, escorts aren't the problem -- the rest of the game is. I admit, that sounds dumb on its face, but it's true.
Yes they do need nerfs. Hard.

See the issue is NOT that sci ships were killed off and cruisers are largely irrelevant for the game content (they are but thats a side problem). The issue is that escorts have been made TOO GOOD to the point where the other 2 ship types are irrelevant.

Here's something for you to think about:

My sci captain used to be a die-hard tier 5 nebula. Pre-F2P (when things were balanced and ships had their own roles) my ship was a master debuffer and crowd controller. Neither escorts not cruisers could even dream of matching my performance when it came to shield tanking and royally weakening super-hard NPC's to the point where my weak weapon damage output brought it down almost as fast as a cruiser/escort. I WAS science incarnate.

post-f2p. The nebula simply cannot tank nor debuff nor put out damage. Its hard coded so it just can not.

... so I fly an escort. The escort has a funny thing... I only use hazard 1 and emg2 shield 2 ... those are my ONLY healing abilities.

and with them, thanks to the escort's insane defense rating through speed (speed tanking) and atk omega capability I fly circles around elite tac cubes and gates watching the damage spam on me go : MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS. In my nebula... and even on my other toon's supertank voquv ... I wouldve been hit every single time despite both toons having the same captain skills when it comes to speed tanking boxes.

The difference comes from the escort ship itself. Plus I have more than twice the firepower and most pathetic of all, I can do just as weakly effective 'science' with a lt cmdr sci boff (MVAE) than I do in a Nebula (alleged fully dedicated sci ship). I tank better, fly faster, hit ten times harder.

and I heal with 2 miserly abilities.

did I mention I've threat control 9 from when I thought my nebula could tank? haha.. yeah.. my little escort gets a ton of attention. MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS...

its a borg whiffmobile.

So.. sci in tac ship > sci in sci ship.

The game itself is geared completely towards dps and tanking nothing else. Its the only things the devs give a rat's butt about ... because its the only thing they can monetize with little effort.

Dig up my threads from over a year ago concerning Perfect World. You will see I was right when I said they turn any game they buy into a stupid dps-centered, pay-2-win, cookie-cutter-for-all templates grindfest game until the monetizing became so ridiculous players left the game. Then they would close the game off, use the engine to make a clone of it with a different flavor and start the scamcycle again.

we are now in the starting point of that monetizing. the cookie-cutter phase is ending as they herd the players into just one type of ship and then they will begin to hash out more and more powerful stuff so that any ship or item you buy now will become obsolete in a matter of months.