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02-24-2013, 11:34 PM
I can tell you right now that even before STO even existed, Romulan factions in Trek games have always had somewhat more allure to the typical player than Klingons. So this reaction is no surprise.

As for "finishing" the KDF, what do we really want, at this point? More ships, certainly. We could always use more ships, there remain large holes in terms of layouts that we'd love to see. But it seems like a lot of people simply want crap that isn't actually useful that they'll never really touch after they realize this. Levels 1 through 20? A hellishly long, pointlessly extended tutorial on the Fed side that has zero relevance to the actual game. It certainly won't produce much in the way of revenue. If you really want the KDF "finished", give us more freaking ships. And make it possible to pick that as your faction from the start. Forget the 1-20 nonsense. The option to skip it alone should be the selling point.