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Something that has been discussed a bit recently (and Sargon, sorry if I shouldn't be posting this so early) is that after the first class of students have graduated, there is going to be round of advanced seminars taught by coaches on specific topics.

Now, just as a note, nothing in this thread is final at all. This is just a discussion more than anything else.

Anyways, to coaches: What ideas might you have for seminars you might want to teach?

To students: What seminars might you want to see?

Some ideas I personally have:

Advanced Cruiser flying
Advanced Escort flying
Advanced Sci-ship flying
Advanced Carrier flying
Flying a Bird-of-Prey (particularly a B'rel)
Lockbox ships
Ker'rat (and everything it involves)
Reputation: Passives, gear, etc

Just my ideas, again, nothing is final yet, but it might be good to start thinking on what we will want to look at doing should this come about.