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02-24-2013, 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by dan6526 View Post
I think the Gal-R got the layout mostly because way back then, the Sovereign had Lt Tac and En Tac, and the Star Cruiser (aka Shovel-head) had Lt Sci and En Sci. The only other layout out there would be an over the top Engineer build.

Really, a Cmdr Eng, LtCmdr Eng, and En Eng wouldn't be bad if there were non-tanky powers at the Ensign level. Engineer powers are weak in regards to diversity. THATs the Galaxy's real problem.

Honestly, I don't think the Fleet Gal-R needs a LtCmdr Tac, that is an out with no end. Sovereign-R has Tac more covered than the Excel-R now. Sci is possible if it takes it further than the Support-R like the Sovereign-R.

Cmdr Engineer----------------------Cmdr Engineer
LtCmdr Sci---------------------------LtCmdr Tac
Ensign Sci----------------------------Ensign Tac
Lt Eng--------------------------------Lt Eng
Lt Tac--------------------------------Lt Sci

This build would bring it more in line with the Captain Galaxy too TBH.

But I'm not sure I like that idea either. I want Cryptic to add more buffing powers that work on the team that perhaps not heal for once or add a wider array of powers in general to the Engineer skill set. That will make the Gal-R playable.
IMO Galaxy-R should have universal lt.commander since Galaxy imo been shown in tv-shows to be very versatile ship but IMO Excelsior, Ambassador and Galaxy shouldn't even be on par with Sovy unless they would clearly been said to be "Completely new ships using exterior design of original ships" since they are old ships...hell, even Galaxy is 50 years old by STO. Same goes with Defiant and all older designs but devs have to put them in game because players demand the familiar ships.