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02-24-2013, 11:59 PM
I enjoy playing both sides of the game. I play all 3 classes on both sides, and yet I know that every time I log onto a KDF toon, I'm playing a half-finished faction, which is truly unfortunate.

It's even more unfortunate how many Fed players think it's such a 'paradise' when it really isn't.

I'd be all for a Romulan faction, as long as said faction doesn't step on the faces of the KDF. I mean, I await with very bated breath, my chance to start leveling 3 Romulan toons (one of each class of course), and begin flying around in my D'deridex and such other ships.

But if that meant still returning to a half-finished KDF faction everyday, it wouldn't really change anything, and if anything would make it worse because then the devs would have to be looking 3 groups to deal with. The massive Federation, the unfinished KDF, and whatever state the Romulan faction would be in.

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