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I strongly suspected this was an overlooked bug: each of the starbase projects that give skill point buff provisions only give 5, no matter what tier the project is.

These would be:
* Reinforce Local Systems (military)
* Ongoing Research Projects (science)
* Support Local Systems (engineering)

The reason I suspect it's a bug is due to the rewards: 500 XP and 5 buff provisions, regardless of project costs when all other provisions (personal requisitons scale from 10 to 30, ships from 5 to 12+, and operational assets will scale up from 10 to 30).

Surely this doesn't make any sense:
* Support Local Systems I (5 buffs): 300 Fleet Marks, 18k dilithium, 4 eng/ops doffs, 20k expertise, 1500 Provisions, 250 Water Purification Systems
* Support Local Systems II (5 buffs): 600 Fleet Marks, 36k dilithium, 12 eng/ops doffs, 40k expertise, 3000 Provisions, 500 Water Purification Systems
* Support Local Systems III (5 buffs): 900 Fleet Marks, 54k dilithium, 20 eng/ops doffs, 60k expertise, 4500 Provisions, 750 Water Purification Systems
* Support Local Systems IV (5 buffs): 960 Fleet Marks, 72k dilithium, 25 eng/ops doffs, 80k expertise, 6000 Provisions, 1000 Water Purification Systems
* Support Local Systems V (5 buffs): 1200 Fleet Marks, 90k dilithium, 30 eng/ops doffs, 100k expertise, 7500 Provisions, 1200 Water Purification Systems

If the costs are 4-6 times higher in every category, I think it's only sensible we get more provisions as a result.
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