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02-25-2013, 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Well, what about the KDF is really half-finished, anyway? The only thing we're "missing" is levels 1 through 20 and the associated mindless mission content for crappy rewards no one actually would want. Is this something we need? Every other piece of end-game content is present. Of course, more ships would always be nice. That's what it's really about. Ask yourself when the last time you did anything in that Fedside content other than hitting SKIP so you could get to the missions that don't pay you in suck...missions that have since been reduced to sucking like the rest, really. Remember when Assimilated was worth doing, on both sides? Remember how it REMAINED worth doing briefly on the KDF side, before it, too, was rendered worthless? The lack of attention given to the KDF side can be a good thing.
Off the top of my head, it's the lvls 1-20 thing (and I doubt Cryptic would allow brand new players to just go straight for a lvl 25 KDF toon without 'unlocking' it first), some more ships to pick from at endgame (including a dedicated science vessel or two at endgame, something other than a carrier or BoP), and maybe have some of the universal/dual-faction content be KDF-perspective for once. Everything's written from the perspective of the Federation, with a paltry KDF wrapper thrown on for KDF players.

I wouldn't mind another storyline arc, to be honest, something written from the KDF perspective (like the Fek'lhri one). If they widen the faction back out to 1-50, we'll need 1-2 more anyways.

Cosmetically, we could use more costuming options. I personally don't care all that much, but others do. Insufficient flexibility in costuming has been a grievance for a long time.

We're definitely 'close' to completion. I wouldn't say the faction's half-finished, more like 80% complete. I feel the biggest reasons why we don't have as much playerbase as the Federation are: No option to play as KDF right from the start, and the red UI. The UI is a definite problem, it drives players away because they can't stand to look at the red UI for more than 1-2 hours at a time. Change the UI to a more pleasing color, or add another color scheme to pick from.