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So in my endless quest to improve my Recluse Build, I have begun to wonder if there are any good "shutdown" or "vampire" builds for the Recluse. And by "shutdown" builds, I mean taking the enemy subsystems (I usually PVE, btw) and saying "You don't need those subsystems anymore," or "you don't need all that power, gimme some!"
Basically, I want to completely shut the enemy ship down while my fighters wreak havoc on it. That's the end goal of the build I'm looking for.

If you have a good build/suggestions, post them here. If you don't have any good suggestions for the build I'm looking for but you have some good suggestions for other Recluse builds, you can still post your ideas here.

EDIT: Of course, at 1:00 in the morning, I post this thread in the wrong section. -_- If a moderator could move this to the Fed Shipyards, that would be appreciated. ./facepalm
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