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02-25-2013, 02:21 AM
A simple way of solving all the complaints and problems listed in this thread it would take the devs 20 minutes of code alteration In three places

- give escort healing powers (EPTS, HAZARD EMITTERS, TSS, etc) an inherent weakness a bit like dhc's have their inherent Ikillyouness

- make defence rating work in another way than pure speed speed tanking is getting out of hand

- boost science powers back up to an acceptable level they are a complete joke especially in pvp you can dance in and out of a grav well a cpb even with 200+flow cap drains less than milking a cow which means using a sci ship is pointless as the only sci power worth a penny is subnuc

There you go cruisers now have a job keeping things alive and people now have a reason to play sci sci again For the now called space magic will be actual crowd control and zone denial

Not too much to ask in my opinion but like everything this wont make money and will fall on deaf ears
----=====This is my opinion you don't have to listen and no one else has to read them these "OPINIONS" are based on my exploits and my learning other people will have their opinions and that's fine just don't knock my way of doing things thanks=====----

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