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02-25-2013, 03:29 AM
Frankly, I've been flying an all-beam-array Atrox for quite a while on my Tac character, and I'm rather happy with the results. The setup might have some merit for a Sci as well:

- The wide firing arcs of beam arrays lend themselves well to the lousy maeuvrability. Essentially, you're out to deliver as many broadsides as possible on such a setup, which usually works well in PvE (not too sure about PvP though).

- You'd want to rig some tractor beam capability. Personally, I'm using the Borg tractor beam, but the Sci Boff slots sure provide a neat spot for it as well if you prefer a different set.

- I perfectly agree with the Danube runabouts. Combat pets that will randomly tractor hostiles are almost a must-have on a ship that turns like a dying cow. They're also tougher than fighters, which means they don't tend to blow themselves up in proximity to expoding vessels as easily as the stock Stalkers do. A healthy mix of runabouts and damage-dealing fighters seems like a reasonable approach.

Although many seem to hate this ship for its poor maneuvrability, your playing style and preferred maneuvers will eventually adapt. With the aforementioned setup, I usually engage hostiles by approaching them head-on, dumping appropriate deflector-based Sci tricks on them at a moderate distance, then come to a halt with them at my broadside (in closest possible proximity to maximise energy weapon damage). Usually takes them down in no time. Depending on how tough your primary target is, this is also the right time to tractor it to keep it well within the range of both firing arcs. For smaller targets, fire-at-will beam spamming is a very handy Tac Boff capability on this setup.

The Atrox' key strength is arguably its toughness. An appropriate setup will one way or another aim to make use of that. For example, a beam spammer that takes the beating while unleashing lots of little fighters can be a great asset on a PvE team.

EDIT: Don't forget to rig a purple Flight Deck Officer Doff.

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