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02-25-2013, 04:56 AM
I'd say (Flying this ship myself) drop the second Tac team and use 2 doffs for it (rare or better) and drop your FAW to level 2 allowing your to get Attack Pattern Beta 2 (nice damage buff to go with FAW) and use 6 beam arrays with 100 base power in weapons (makes a HUGE difference), the problem with 8 arrays is the power drain does more harm than its worth. It would be a good idea to grab the wide angle quantum and putting that on the front. I would advise anything that doesn't use power for the last aft slot.

My Eng Fleet Excel build (Extra tac console is all) can handle Kang duty in CSE, heal allies when needed and tank doing so is as follows:

Fore: 3x Beam array, 1 torp
Aft: See fore

Full MACO Mk XII (Aegis is a good alternative despite the reviews)

Eng: 2x Neutronium Mk XI (Blue), SIF Generator Mk XI (Blue), Monotanium Mk XI (Purple)
Sci: Field Generator Mk XI (Blue), Emitter Array Mk XI (Blue)
Tac: 4x Energy type (3 in your case)

Lt Tac: TT1, FAW2, AP:B2
CMDR Eng: EPtS1, RSP1, Aux2SIF2, EWP3
Lt Eng: ET1, ES1
Ens Eng: EPtW1
Lt Sci: HE1, TSS2

3x Damage Control Engineer (Purple), Warp-core engineer (Purple), (Undecided at the moment)

Base Power
Weapons: 100
Shields: 25
Engines: 25
Auxiliary: 50

Without the DCE doffs swap out the Lt Eng skills for appropriate EPtX skills and if you must use DEM use it at level 3 and get the doff for it (at Vrare level)