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02-25-2013, 04:05 AM
4 fore weapon slots makes the sensor analisys disappear, only the sci oddy violates that rule, and if you have a cmdr sci, the ship needs at least 4 sci consoles,
wtf ? commander sci with 4 tac and 4 eng consoles ? lol

make it with less hull and 1.5 shield mod ship <.<

you dont need the high hull, average shield and high turn rate, that would be jhas crap like

the perfect ship for me would be :

4 fore weapons
1 aft weapon slots ( to compensate the gain of 1 fore weapon slot with sensor analisys ?)
can use aux cannons
24k hull
1.5 shield mod
300 crew
16 turn rate
0.22 speed mod
sensor analisys and subsys targeting
1 hangar

cmndr sci
ens sci
ltcmndr tac
lt eng
lt uni

5 sci
4 tac
1 eng

special console: secondary shield array generator
splits the shield in two, primary with 0.8 shield mod, and secondary with 0.4 shield mod, when the secondary shield is destroyed, the primary shield gains 1 sec of immunity, due to the energy dissipation of the secondary shield array destruction, 30 secs duration, 3min cooldown, this would prevent alpha strikes <.<

how about that ? >.<
i know its stupid xP

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