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02-25-2013, 05:18 AM
This is my current build, I plan to refine it more

Front weapons: Rom torpedo, 2 plasma BAs, Romulan experimental beam array
Rear: Cutting beam, 3 plasma BAs

TT1, BFaW2, BFaW3
EPtW1, EPtS2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3

Borg shields
Borg deflector
Borg engine

Plasma energy x 4
Field gen x 2 (though playing with one +threat +plasma dmg +shield regen console still)
Borg module, Tachokinetic converter (or RCS), ZPM (Romulan rep console), Neutorium/Monotonium

Projectile weapons x 2, Connx2, DCE

This is hardly optimal right now. The BFaW needs a look at, I could probably reduce a EPtS and free up a lt eng for something better. The DCE is being wasted where it is.

The borg set is the ultimate in sustained tanking, despite what the Maco people tell you. You have lots of hull and resists, use it.
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