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Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
Just a quick update:

We are currently internally testing a change to take the Console powers off of the shared cooldown with Cannon: Rapid Fire and Cannon: Spread Volley. Instead, the consoles will have a longer (most likely 30 seconds) shared cooldown with each other.

In addition, I am cutting down the charge up time on the Overload to 2 seconds and slightly increasing the damage. It will still deal less than the Guramba's Javelin.

Finally, the Tachyon Burst is getting a bit of love as well. It will now also debuff the target's shields, causing them to suffer more damage to shields for a short time. This should make the Tachyon Burst provide a lot more utility in STFs and other endgame content.

These changes are still being tested and subject to possible change.
The Overload need more than a slight buff, as it stands it is pathetic. I can get far more from DBB with BO3 every single time. The Andorian phasers have an accuracy issue too (there's another thread about that I saw earlier). The wing platforms do nothing, zero dmg that I can see anywhere and die as soon as looked at by an enemy or go anywhere near a GW. The Tachyon blast seems to do nothing at all too.

Why make all these wonderful consoles that sound fantastic only for the customers to be bitterly disappointed and dump them within the first hour. Go into any pvp match and see how many Andorians are running weapon platforms, I will pay you a dollar for everyone you see.

The ship is fine, a great addition to the range but the special powers/abilities suck big time, the ship itself is trounced by the JHAS and I dare say any other good escort in PvP as long as it can stay out of it's arc, and with it's slow (relatively) turning circle that's not difficult.

Pleased you are looking at this, but the word in the game is if you really want an Andorian choose the one you want as the three pack is just not worth the extra 2500 Zen, you're losing money by giving us a failed build, so i really hope you can give it a bit more than a slight improvement, we want to see massive spike damage, massive shield drain and wing platforms that actually do something making them worth losing a console slot over.

Thanks for your feedback.

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