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02-25-2013, 05:27 AM
Originally Posted by mrmarmite451 View Post
Wonder why they dont just punt cross faction bundles through the c/zen store? Two birds with one stone so to speak. Im sitting with over 5k zen but have no interest at all in fed packs and Ill hazard a guess Im not the only one.

I also suspect the reason they didnt make any money on the bort bundle was the fact its a huge great lumbering beast and only appeals to a limited group of fruit loops like myself.
cstore = no scambox money generated.

What I wonder is why they have ignored and continue and WILL continue to ignore the KDF.

Lowest population? Cmon thats caused by their incompetent design. Release as many ships to KDF as to fed, put a little effort into making a storyline (I mean hell they got tons of foundry-made storylines they could use... just with copy/paste, their favorite thing in the world!) and make it start at level 1 not 20 requiring a fed toon first.

Whoever in Cryptic makes the design decisions should be flogged with a whip made from his own foreskin. (ancient klingon purification ritual.. QAPLA!)