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Originally Posted by wmcarson View Post

Andorian Kumari Escort

x2 Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [ACC]x3
x2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers Mk XII [ACC]x3
x1 Andorian Phaser Wing Cannons [DMG]x4

x2 Phaser Turret Mk XII [ACC] [CRTH] [Borg]
(Wasn't feeling the look and energy drain of the cutting beam even with the small chance of that two piece set bonus hitting)

Three piece Omega Space Set Mk XII

Three piece Andorian console set

Assimilated Module
Field Generator Mk XII VR
x3 Phaser Relay Mk XII VR
x2 Zero-Point Quantum Chamber Mk XII VR

DOFS - Active Space:
x3 Projectile Weapons Officers
x2 Conn Officers (Tac Team)

BOF Layout:
LT Tac: TS1-APB1
LT Sci (Universal): PH1-HE1
EN Eng: EPS1

Hey, just a note on your build. and the low dps numbers as a result. With so many boff tac slots (hard to fill them all) you definitely do not need 2 tac team conn officer doffs. you alread have 2x TT1, actually filling the 3rd ensign tac slot is a challenge. If you chose to use torps, the projectile doffs are a no brainer, but I think with the limited engi slots two damage control doffs would serve you much better then the TT doffs. Damage control doffs reduce CD on your epts1 allowing to chain essentially 2xepts1 ensuring you shield power (and resist) stays up, making you more tanky.

Ive tested my own kumari with torps (single quantum no consoles, all energy weap consoles are usually better, why boost weapon when you can boost 4 dhcs +turrets etc) as such it was nice but I got more useability (pvp and pve) and surviveablilty out of all cannon build as ill detail below.

I will admit im not fully spec'd in projectiles on this toon, but in other tests with torp v cannon builds on toons that are, im still of the opinion that all cannons are more dps ( and more versality between pve and pvp) as with the right cannons, in my case mk xii acc crtdx2 (energy type i find irrelevant, procs dont kill people crits do) my cannon bolts can will and have crit'd on a regular occasion for the same as a torp might. and in general each BOLT can pump out the same damage as a Q torp may. freeing up skill tree points from projectiles into more stuff to keep you alive.

Build is as follows:

ComTac: TT1, BO2, APB2, APB3
LTTAC: TT1, BO2 ( APO1, APO3) skills in brackets are for ease of switchin to ComTac for PVP
EnsignEngi: EPTS1

5 fore DHC purple mk xii acc crtdx2 (we'll leave the accx3 to another thread =D) of whatever energy type
cutting beam + beam array

borg console, zero point, 3/4 leadership boffs human, neutro mk xi blue, rcs blue mk xii, mk xii blue field gen.

2piece borg, maco shield. 5x blue mk xii energy weap consoles(energy type of your choosing)

DOffs: 2x purple Damagecontrol doffs (EPTS CD reduction)
Warp Core Engi (or evasive doff depending on mood)
2x purple shield distro doffs (shield heal on BFI)

AS you can see above the 3rd ensign tac slot is wasted with a 3rd TT, even with a torp build this would be the case (2x thy2 in place of BO2) I run the ass array simply to make use of the LT tac slots, and comes in handy actually in pvp where you're more likely to BO2 a target whizzing around behind you while manoeuvring to bring DHC in arc.
that being said a turret in the rear works fine also(leading to wasted 2x wasted lt tac slots admittedly) if you are determined to run a torp, wouldnt 2x crf1 and ty2&3 be better? or whatever variety of crf/csv v thy/tsv you chose.

If you like the safety of an apo option in stf to get out of borg tractors and avoid a plasma high torp to the face, (2x apb being preferable in pve in general imho) could easily run

2x TT1, 2x CRF1 (in BO2 positions above) APB2&3 on the ComTAc and APO1 on the LTCom.

Also from the rest of the build namely borg 2 piece, leadership boffs, damage control doffs, bfi doffs ( any heal is a heal) help with tanking on a ship with very limited heals. The andorian consoles take up spots that will cost you survivability on an already squish and heal lacking ship. Also omega set little use in stfs (no shields for glider) where a hull heal proc of borg 2 piece much more useful (plasma fires! oh no!)

The set up lends itself well to both my pve and pvp needs with little need to change stuff, bar switching my ComTac and LT Tac to run my 2x APO in PVP.

Screen shot below of DPS in an ISE i believe. before i started running the ass array so turret in rear in this case. Screen is all inclusive ISE from start to finish not just a log of the Tac cube and gate.

Overall liking the Kumari, yes its a bit squish, but i like the challenge keeping it alive even in pvp, with a good healer on your back you'll rack up some big game.