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02-25-2013, 06:27 AM
I find it more depends on what you want to do with the science powers. There are plenty of ways and BO powers to make the Atrox turn well. I have two main weapons packages depending on what I want to do.

First package is a Missile launcher, single cannon, and beam array front, and mine launcher (fast firing one, like photon), beam array, and turret or beam array (your pick here). This is for the more healing science powers or non directional powers. It's the equiv of broadside cruiser, but the cannon does more damage then a beam array. The Tactical BO station would be Torpedo spread, and cannon rapid fire or beam fire at will.

The second package is a dual heavy cannon, a dual beam array, and a heavy hitting torpedo (again, your choice). Rear weapons, are a borg cutting beam (or turret), a beam array, and a mine launcher. This one works well with point and shoot science powers, and switching between power setups is very helpful (more aux for gravity well, etc; more weapons for shooty-shooty) I find an engineering turn buff BO helps this build but isn't essential.

My fighters are typically blue (purple now) stalker and Peregrine fighters. Danube runabouts on the side depending on what your team mates have.

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