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02-25-2013, 06:40 AM
Here is my build for anyone that wants to do insane DPS in a Charal:


MACO Mk XII Shields
Borg Mk XI Deflector + Engines (Will upgrade to Mk XII when I can)

Fore Weapons: 5x Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [CrtD]x3
Aft Weapons: 1x Kinetic Cutting Beam; 1x Disruptor Turret Mk XII [CrtD]x3

Devices: Dmg Resist device (forgot name); Red Matter Capacitor

Engineering Consoles: Tachyokinetic Convertor; Zero Point; Assimilated; Mk XII purple Neutronium
Science Consoles: Mk XII purple field gen; Romulan Embassy Sci Console (-Threat, Hull Heal Proc, +Shield emitters)
Tactical Consoles: 3x Mk XII purple disruptor dmg console, 1x Mk XI blue disruptor dmg console (will upgrade when can)

Doffs: 3x purple Attack Pattern doffs; 2x purple shield distribution doffs
Boffs: 2x Blue Romulan Male Tactical Boffs (+2% crit each); 3x human (leadership x3)
Commander Tactical: TT1; CSV I; CRF II; AP:B III
Lt. Commander Tactical: TT1; CSV I; CRF II
Lt. Engineering: EPtS I; RSP I
Ensign Engineering: EPtSI
Lt. Universal (Used as Science): HE I; TSS II;

Skill build is pretty standard! Any questions, let me know!
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