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So I would ask you guys this. Enough with the petty crap, enough with all the flame fests. We need to agree as a community (even if our voices don't seem to count for crap). Who knows, maybe if we all agreed on something, it might change.

Anyways, let's get started.
Well said.

As i already said numerous times, i think the whole concept of pressing Star Trek ships into a Stone/Paper/Scissor game mechanic is just basicly wrong. Other games did a much better job, like the Starfleet Command series or Bridge Commander.

In Star Trek, Cruisers are NOT supporters, they are the main ships. Other ships, more specialised ships like Escorts or Science ships are just "specialists" but they aren't nearly as powerful as the big cruisers.

STO on the other hand just gave Star trek ships completely different "roles", this alienates at least me very much.

It wouldn't bother me if this where not a Star Trek game. Other Sci Fi universes can much easier get away with such a game mechanic, but Cryptic either deliberately or out of incompetence completely ignores the uniqueness of Star Trek ships.

Since this game is already running for three years now (who would have thought that three years ago? ) i think it is highly unlikely they will correct their errors. So what's to be done?

I think Cryptic should overthink the role of Cruisers in their game completely. They already made all ships being able to keep themselves alive, thats a good beginning IMO.
The next step would be to give Cruisers a bigger damage potential, by either increasing cruisers energy output, enhancing Beam weapons or by introducing heavy Beam arrays. Their role could be to deliver big amounts of AOE damage, so they need some (engineering power) which is more like Scatter Volley. Different than FAW it should focus fire on a smaller area, maybe 120 degrees.

The other problem is the cruisers low turn rate. This is something i just don't understand. I don't see any reason why they made cruisers so slow in the first place. It just makes them passive and boring. Originally cryptic was hoping poeple would like having cruisers being equal to Star Wars - ish capital ships. But that just shows the ignorance of cryptics desingers, they obviously completely ignored StarTrek in favour of their own little Star Wars / BSG or whatever fantasy.

Personally i see no point in making Cruisers artificially boring, by giving them such a low turnrate.
In my opinion they should get a +2 or +3 buff in their basic turn rate, i don't hink that would be too much to ask IMO.
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