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02-25-2013, 06:54 AM
Short term

1. Bring space Science powers back to useful levels of performance.

2. Re-examine beam drain mechanics (or weapon drain generally).

3. Introduce ability to merge similar individual beams into a single more powerful beam (if only as a console ability on a specific ship).

Mid term

1. Exploration revamp (my suggestions here:

2. PvP revamp. New maps, faction based PvPvE territory control, open PvP areas, more rewards for doing PvP.

3. 'Classic' parts for more ship classes (Excelsior, Ambassador, and Galaxy generation).

Long term

Errr... keep up the hard work?
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

BTW, you'd pronounce it 'Cap'n Manks'

I protest the removal of exploration clusters