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Originally Posted by pompouluss View Post
It could use a spit-polish, I think the nacelles look awful where they are. What you do is you make those puppies a little bigger and you drop the pylons, put the nacelles straight on or even in the main hull of the ship. That cleans up the silhouette, and it doesn't have the T-Rex style tiny little limbs sticking out the back.

If that's not an option for whatever silly canon reason you stretch and broaden the pylons to look like a part of the hull, a la Romulan D'deridex.

One way or another you gotta sort out those stubby little engines. Other than that I like it. Looks intimidating.
Yup, something we've all agreed on for some time... Somewhere lost in these pages is an image by a supporter that has been photoshopped to fix the engines, it looked pretty nice. Actually, almost exactly as you described it  1340218559
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