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02-25-2013, 08:05 AM
1). It hasn't been updated in approximately forever. It wasn't quite sufficient for what it did back at launch, but doffs and a number of other things are new (at least compared to the exchange).

2). Anything that counts as an NPC dialog will close anything else that counts as one. All vendor panels, the exchange, and doff contacts (including department heads and ESD/academy NPCs).

3). Nobody knows. Bank sorting is a pretty new option, though. It's possible it was left out because of the size difference: a gold player with all the space unlocks will have a pretty huge bank/inventory, but account banks are still pretty limited.

4). There are a few places where you can access one or the other and not both. The account bank is accessible from the bridge, for example, but the player bank is not.

5). By default, any NPC dialog (boff or contact pop up, vendor, etc) stops your ship. You can disable this in settings.

6). Some jobs call for a gentler touch, especially dealing with the conquered or allied races. Klingon culture might not be well suited for those jobs, but they've still got to be done.