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02-25-2013, 07:15 AM
Honestly, its a nice dream but its not going to happen.

There are far far too many bad cruiser captains out there either wanting to Kirk (yes, it is a bad thing) or out dps cruisers or plain don't want to be in the role a cruiser is supposed to fill. Most of them don't even know how to spec a cruiser right, so they come here and complain, because complaining is easier than fixing your problems, right?

Fact is, the defiant was said to be the most heavily armed ship in the quadrant, your imaginary galaxy class doesn't compare. In battle, like sacrifice of angels, the cruisers fanned out to the side, took the hits while the more agile ships flew through the centre and attacked.

S7 destroyed any semblance of balance that existed. Escorts took all passive heals, cruisers took all passive heals, the weapons buffs were terribly balanced. You can't give the most fragile class a bunch of heals and the tankiest class terrible offense options.

A small decrease in BA power drain and a fix to some beam based abilities and we should be ok. If BFaW worked like CSV, and BO more like CRF we'd be in business.
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