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Originally Posted by fudge1975 View Post
well, as it's now running into 5 days without a response to my ticket, raised due to my illiteracy with numerics and no commas in the sale price window on the exchange, i think i'd resigning myself to the "pawned off" reply though, as it's not winning me over, this customer service...

1 week....
Only 1 week? Hmph! I've only ever had one response come in under 9 days, which was a request to get a 24hr chat ban looked at as I was a victim of rick-rollers.

Most tickets I put in don't even get looked at, they just vanish. Ones that do get responded too tend to take a minimum of 14 days to be looked at by the "GMs", some of which can take a full month to be looked at.

Short version? The GM system as it stands, does not inspire any faith or confidence.

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I'm going to point out that this is a topic fraught with potential forum rules violations.

Posting Private Correspondence
You may not post messages that have been sent or received in private. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • PMs received from other users and PWE Staff.
  • Correspondence from our Customer Service Department or moderators.
  • Discussing disciplinary actions taken against any forum, or game account.

Please consider the forum rules
Is it okay to give a short summary of any response received from a GM? Giving the meaning of a response rather than a word for word quote. Is that covered under the "no PMs in public" rule?
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ARC: A way to Redeem Codes

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