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Fact is, the defiant was said to be the most heavily armed ship in the quadrant, your imaginary galaxy class doesn't compare. In battle, like sacrifice of angels, the cruisers fanned out to the side, took the hits while the more agile ships flew through the centre and attacked.
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Not sure where you get that. It was said,that the Defiant had the firepower almost like a Galaxy but was much more smaller. You should realize, the dmg output of Star Trek ship is determined A) their warp core B) torpedo barrages. Warp core gives energy to phasers. Doesnt matter how many emmiters or banks you have if you do not have energy for them.

If you look at Sacrifice of Angles actually, the Defiant attacks small ships only, while the Galaxy wings takes on the Galors.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: on-screen evidence in Star Trek is dubious at best, as the capabilities of any starship are subject to change based on plot demands and the whims of the writer. They should just be disregarded when talking about game balance.

If Cryptic is going to stick to its (currently horribly supported) heal-tank-DPS trinity, then cruisers need better aggro management tools. Right now, Escorts play the role of tank and DPS, since the only way to draw aggro is to do a lot of damage.

If cruisers could reliably take aggro off of me without requiring me to intentionally cut my DPS in half, then I'd be okay with shaving off some escort durability. As it is, though, you can't nerf escort survivability without hurting the game -- escorts would either just not fight as hard, or would spend a lot of time staring at 30- and 60-second respawn counters.