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Originally Posted by vyperwoo View Post
I'm not how you guys run stf's without APO? You have plenty of tactical boff slots try out APO. I'm not sure if you guys heard but it also increases damage. Try this for a total cannon build:



Don't need it! And AP:B III with CRF2 is higher net damage. Also Attack Pattern doffs are guaraunteed cooldown reduction on attack patterns, whereas cannon doffs are a chance to proc, making it more random if you get CRF3 up all the time or not. Whereas I guarauntee to have AP:B III and CRF2 up all the time.

AP:O has a long CD and it won't be up all the time. Also it doesn't increase team damage like AP:B III does, as it reduces dmg resist on target. Don't need APO, and it reduces your damage in your above linked build. Ill use polarize hull if I NEED to eliminate a tractor, but usually I just use evasive manuevers if its a problem. More often though I dont care about the tractor.
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