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02-25-2013, 07:57 AM
I just want my engineers to fly the galaxy class again and not have people berate me in team chat when I'm in an STF over my ship choice.
And this happens OFTEN by the way.

They simply just don't need a tank or even a healer, where DPS rules.
Thank God my Vesta can hold her own AND heal, but where does that leave cruisers?

Some players leave missions if they see a majority of cruisers.

I appreciate the holy trinity and those who appreciate ship classes, but truth be told, unless the way these PVE queues change, you aren't going to get the "appropriate" mix of classes every time.

And sorry, but a bunch of slow moving cruisers in a Starbase alert often = FAIL.
PLEASE fix the Dauntless. See suggestion below
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how to make it too good (10/10)- if the LT tac was uni, it would probably be a 9/10, an extra LT eng or sci would have wonderful usefulness. this actually sorta, kinda, NEEDS to happen. 10/10 would make the LTC universal instead.