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Originally Posted by orondis View Post
I've flew escorts as a main for almost two years, so I have this to add.

Cruisers don't need a buff, it's escorts that need a nerf.

When the Andorian ship was released it had an issue whereby it's shield mod was much lower and all it's healing was about 1/3 effective. It was still possible to tank, but for the first time an escort was what it should be, a glass cannon.

This is pretty much how every escort should be like at T5. This way you actually have a real choice, since at the moment flying an escort is to have your cake and eat it. An escort at the moment can tank pretty much anything yet deal uber damage at the same time.

A nerf to it's shield and healing abilities would mean cruisers will have a fighting chance of keeping up with them.

Also they need to bring back the old weapon drain mechanics. The present weapon drain mechanics is one of the things that's causing escorts to have such crazy damage.
Cruisers need a turnrate buff. Beam Arrays need a drain fix.
Escorts do not need a nerf.

The new drain mechanic is also why Beam Arrays suck at this time.

DHCs have "rest" period that helps them instantly regain the drained weapons power. Beam Arrays do not and contiuosly drain power even while the mechanic tries to regain it rsulting in a bogging down effect.
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