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02-25-2013, 08:13 AM
The defiant was considered a major tactical threat in DS9, if you don't remember check episodes out when they lost control of it, Dukat mentions it multiple times.

The battles were always a representation of what happened, since single incidents can't be held up under scrutiny. If Sisko ordered Galaxies to provide cover for the main thrust there was reason, whatever the visuals showed are just visuals and effects.

In the battles the Defiant was vulnerable, it always had support (which was always exploding) whether it was fighter squadrons, lighter star ships or klingons, something was supposed to be covering them. I'm sure they'd have love to have a cruiser, but we know they just couldn't keep up. Even without its support that ship took some major hits, and always seem to be more operational than any cruiser.

Making an escort as a "glass cannon" would be completely non-canon. We need a game balance, we need to cut down on the ability to chain speed tanking probably. I wouldn't mind seeing APA, APO and APB/APD all on shared cooldowns, that never made sense to me.

Cruisers need some abilities fixed, they do very well if made right. I'd be worried about too much of a buff or you'll see tac cruisers out dpsing tac escorts.
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