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10-12-2009, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Starblazer View Post
Well, considering you may have some that will be playing 10-12 hours A DAY. I would still go with the suggestion of having a 'time in grade' (Real time not virtual) before advancing in rank.
I would think they would keep it fairly simple and striaght forward: successfully completed missions, conduct, for Klingons it would be more Warrior-based attributes as opposed to Federation being more "Acting like an officer" but both would definitely be leadership based and both would include, IMO, acts fo heroism; time should be a factor but leadership, skill, conduct, and success rates should count more because they are better measures (someone who does little and accompllishes nothing much doesn't deserve a promotion- merit, skill, and how one conducts oneself among others are far better criteria for a promotion but at the same time just doing jobs and, excuse my language, kissing ass shouldn't get you promoted (nor should sleeping with the boss although I don't expect that to be an issue with this game).