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Great entry! And a very interesting way to use Alyosha's...unique...situation.

It occurred to me that after what happened with Picard in "Best of Both Worlds," it would probably be considered exceedingly dangerous to have command officers intentionally coming into very close range of the Borg (STO gameplay notwithstanding). In Alyosha's case that would be particularly dangerous since as far as they know, there has never been an assimilated Devidian before, and it could well add some dangerous capabilities to the Collective if he were taken and successfully assimilated.

Really hope Gul Tassok can care for his daughter.
Yeah. Gul Tassok is in for a really, really rough time.


Touched up a few more pieces of dialog, and also add some more detail to my ending
I'm just seems that Ibalei maintained a lot more of her own personality than it's implied many joined Trill do. Is that because of the fact that Zizania chose her and is perhaps leaving her personality intact as a kindness? Could Zizania even be concerned about the fact that its presence, too boldly expressed, could ruin the upcoming marriage since it wasn't there when Bryan dated Ibalei?
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