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02-25-2013, 09:13 AM
Hey all

About a month ago I started working on a new PvP toon Livevil@LIVIN, sick of the escort and a being a classic crusier fan i equiped him in the fleet advanced heavey crusier(Excelsior). It took a bit of messing around but i found a great build. Most cruiser builds u see are the Aux2Bat dem build with cannons, great shield stripper but found i didn't have the punch to finish the job.

I find that i can survive till about 3v1 then its fk,fight,or hold the light. On my Tactical if im dropped below 30% (I like to try for 15-20%) RSP,GDF,APA,APO,DEM3,TAC FLT, this combo gives out 120% sheild pen for the duration of gdf,apa dem i am running 8x beam focusing on keeping my weapon power high all the time useing the aux2bat,EptW and batteries.

here is the build i use with one change in the pic it shows EptAux i now have ET instead to help pop my hull up after i hit GDF.

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