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02-25-2013, 10:20 AM
I fly cruisers more so than any other ship, just because I love the tanky-ness? of them. My main cruiser captain uses the Galaxy-X and it can take a beating like a boss, but DPS isn't one of it's strong suits. To be honest, as an Engineer not a lot of the cruisers are all that great for DPS. The best ones for doing DPS though would have to be the assault cruiser or the Excelsior.

Primarily I have 4 Engineer captains, and they fly the Galaxy-X, the Sci Oddy, The Ambassador, and the Bortasqu. All of them are speced out for heals as that's really what they are good at. My personal recommendation is stick with healing, and leave the DPS to the tactical captains. If you want to know why, jump in a Hive Onslaught Elite... All the DPS in the world doesn't mean anything in there.

I find myself really just running though the STF's healing people and side swiping everything for the full 6 beam shield assault. This is however not to say that cruisers don't do DPS. I can do quite well especially in my Galaxy-X, but it's the more tactically minded ship in my shipyard. I do quite a bit of PVP with it, and can usually swing around 100K to 500K damage depending on the match, but my heals are anywhere between 1 - 2 mil. The best thing you can do is turn your ship sideways on a target and use all your beams to drop the targets shields, but at that point the tactical's can sweep in and finish the job so to speak.

I can kill a tactical cube by myself, but it does take a good 5 min to accomplish. You soak up the damage, but since the DPS on cruisers is typically low, you aren't going to kill them fast.

Anyway that's just my feedback on it. I'm always happy to give some pointers and tips if you need them, just message me in-game.