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02-25-2013, 10:39 AM
Thank you for the suggestions.

I tried both of those options, and neither one stops my ship from firing.

I made sure to reset everything as the guide suggests,

and then made your suggestions again, and I just keep firing away at targets in my weapon arcs.

I click different generators, or the transformer, and the rate of fire continues. If I finish off the spheres in ISE, and I'm close to the gate, I start pinging it. (Which is annoying when I am trying to run to the other side.)

Again, I can take all my weapons off rapidfire to stop, but that is not very quick. (Even with your last suggestion, taking rapid fire off 'one' weapons still leaves the others firing.)

I have made the Hilbert 'sensible options' on three of my level 50s, and they all do the same thing when I start firing. (And it's usually a great thing to do, except in ISE.)

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