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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I can't speak to Ground PvP... so I'll comment as far as space goes.

1) This is would be a massive cope out. This is only needed because of the lacking AI on the PvE side... where the only way to balance your "encounters" is to greatly inflate hit points.

2) I know you stated the first idea is related to ground... and I can't speak to that. Such a change in Space would be game breaking... matches would really never end. Although I wouldn't have to call time out if I needed to take a Potty break so that's good.

3) As far as reducing healing or dmg overall... I think considering how many possible builds we have you will never get this balanced in anyway at all... it will simply create new issues. IMO

4) The thought of increasing sci or decreasing sci resists... is interesting. However its unneeded. As much as some poeple wine there Sci is broken. Its really isn't. There is no issues with sci and sci resist IMO.... can you resist most of a shield strip YES and with reason. Prior to the new skill tree teams of Sci owned all for a reason. The way the system is now Sci is still the largest factor on the field, No matter what anyone says. The system works have some faith in your work.

5) IF you guys have this tech THIS is what I would do....

1 - Disable Low level Ship consoles in PvP... meaning the commander ship consoles like AMS and Aceton and Leach provide Zero Effect in PvP. The end game ship consoles can remain. Make them PvE toys.

2 - Disable the Doff System in PvP maps. As well as the Rep system.

Now I know what you are going to say about both those suggestions... or your boss will say. You don't want people to have a different build experience. Bla bla bla.

If that argument comes up if you should suggest testing something like that Bort... use your competition as a template for your argument. Use Anets game in your argument. A game where you can use your PVE gear all you want in Open PvP areas... but in Arena Style maps NONE of your PvE earned gear works.... its a template that in fact has a TON of customer support... its loved by both PvE and PvP crowds...
Do the same here in STO... leave Kerrat and I hope future Opvp zones as a wild west... but in arena and Cap and Slaps... and the new game types your working... restrict most of the Pve gear.
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