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On the 14th Feb I left home and closed Pidgin that was successfully connected to around 30 chat channels that included multiple fleets and general registered chat channels.

When I arrived at work and loaded Pidgin, I get that the connection is "Not Authorized".
Checked work router/PC firewalls etc and nothing had changed or was blocking anything.

Then later that evening I got home and the same thing was happening.
So that means that the problem is not related to my internet connection, internet service provider, PC or any other proxy.

No settings have been changed in Pidgin.
My Perfect World account connection information has not changed either.

Apart from the repeated connection issues to Fleet chat channels that keeps happening after many updates that would only leave me with access to the general subscribed chat channels; I had not had any other issues with it.

Now 11 days later I still cannot access the XMPP chats... any ideas why?

Many thanks, MidNiteShadow7
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