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02-25-2013, 09:54 AM
Originally Posted by drudgy View Post
I learned quite a bit about teamwork and what abilities can work where and what clears them. It's very interesting to me that Engineers seem to be getting pushed out of premades in favor of more useful science captains though. Even at that, I seem to have some very good success when I go into pug's with my Galaxy X.

I basically went into the whole bootcamp in the Galaxy X expecting to fall flat on my face, but honestly after all I've learned it's been well worth it. I've really been impressed at how I do with a ship everyone thought was a joke. It really is a reward to have people send me tells to say how good the ship is.

At any rate I am looking forward to the last session and hope it brings about better pvp for everyone.
As the leader of your respective fleet, have you considered reaching out to other members of your group and establishing it a bit more?

PVP can be great fun, the best games you'll ever have are probably going to be with people you know - winning or losing it makes no difference as long as you enjoyed it! Spend some time bouncing ideas off each other, taking advantage of the PVP resources the PVP Bootcamp has high-lighted and maybe bring some to the weekly relaxed PVP events on the Bootcamp TS etc? There are Coaches on each weekend at the prescribed time, take advantage!