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02-25-2013, 09:59 AM
Having been raised with Trek I've got to say that I wouldn't have spent near as much time playing, never mind as much money as I have, on STO if it had used those designs.

Not to say they're bad, but they don't feel very...Starfleet is the word I want. I full believe they could work in the Star Trek universe, but they don't really feel like they fit with what we've seen of Star Trek up to now and really wouldn't fit with Starfleet or the KDF.

That said I'd love to see them make their way into the game in some way, maybe as part of the much speculated on Exploration overhaul - they could be used by a Cryptic-created polity that through weird space magic mirrors the Federation in some way (how many times did the 1701 encounter some variant Earth again?) and is only just now coming into contact with the ABQ powers.