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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
We have had PhysX in game since launch. Anytime something explodes, and you kick things around on the floor, those are PhysX objects. The balloons from the most recent party popper is a good example.

The effects are disable-able by the player, so we can't do anything important to gameplay with it. We also can't do quite as big, or fancy things as they can in a single player game.
Those arnt physx thats just some software based physics that almost any game can and does have. Im talking about gpu based physics effects. This is what i mean with something that physx could be done and it can be done in mmos as eve was or still is working on this and thats a mmo. Yes of course the crytpic engine would need to be updated a bit for it to support proper physx probably but i think the benefits would be well worth it since probably half your player base has a physx capable card and system.

But yeah, moving asteroids that rotate, have momentum i.e if hit will change direction. Smash to pieces if hit on the hull of a ship. New shield and weapon effects with it etc. Would be so visually nice imo.

I do hope someday in the not too distance future that it gets this stuff.

Here is a interesting article with physx stuff with mmos like secret world and age of conan etc.

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