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02-25-2013, 10:15 AM
Some very interesting points for sure.

Ground pvp I can agree with your assessment. Things are usually very fast paced, and dps is pretty outrages on any character. Slowing this down overall would make for some interesting matches.

Space PVP however adds it's own odd problems. As far as I can really say, it can go a number of different ways, depending on the group makeup when you enter the match. For instance, if you have a sci heavy group, debuffs and control abilities run rampant and can potentially be so overpowering that they actually win by a landslide. Escort heavy groups usually have no problem just assisting targets down and also lead to a large landslide win. The only instance where PVP is truly balanced in my opinion is an all out Cruiser brawl, but as you mentioned, no one ever dies.

One of the things that Guild Wars 2 does very well in PVP, and more specifically the ranked/instanced PVP is that everyone is given the same gear, and everyone has the same stats give or take. It's all about true player vs player. Gear makes no difference, however you do have your choice of weapons and abilities. I'd love to see something similar to this in STO. Cruisers get x gear and x stats, escorts get x gear and x stats, and sci gets x gear and x stats, only available in said instances. Something like this would bring balance to the system in so many ways.

One thing I noticed a lot prior to doing the PvP Bootcamp is that so many things can have an effect on your ship. Gear, spec, type of ship, etc. The reputation system adds a whole layer of additional buffing to this that not everyone has. These things have created the imbalance in PvP because in the same matches you get people who are fresh level 50's and people who have all the best of the best. There should be some metric where more seasoned players are queued together with other appropriately geared folks. Implementing some kind of ranking system could bring this about, but you never know.

Basically the TL;DR version is this: I don't think it's damage / buffs / debuff's etc that's the real issue, but more of what gear, spec, and ship everyone is using in pvp. Along with newer players getting steamrolled by seasoned ones. Implementing a cap on stats I think would go a lot further to balance it than just blanket reductions.

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