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02-25-2013, 10:15 AM
This is a rough one.

I don't believe this would "fix" or improve the PvP quality or experience. Although this may appear to give an edge against the hardcore PvPers I believe we should first look at why people have such a hard time. In the simplest of terms the hardcore PvPers know the game, mechanics, builds, but most importantly know timing. It's that ability to size up an opponent, time CRFs in between tac teams, when to RSP, when to run, when to hold back and when to throw up everything.

Nerfing dps output and/or healing would make pvp matches feel like PvP now below VA. At commander or captain levels it's much harder to stack attack or heal abilities. Also the weapon levels are lower. But this does not change the fact that an experienced player leveling a character will normally wipe the floor with inexperienced players. Why? Timing over stacking. Personally one of my main characters is a science captain in a fleet defiant. I don't have the stacking abilities of a tac for higher dps. Yes i can SNB but i time CRFs in between tac teams with only an APO and a tac team. Why do i routinely out dps tac escorts? People with the same builds.

Your idea has merit and I believe if instituted should be for newer inexperienced players. Perhaps a tiered pvp ranking? Give them time to learn and adapt to the speed and complexity of the current VA pvp system.

I look forward to your thoughts

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