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02-25-2013, 10:17 AM
Thank you for this.

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1) Max Hitpoints/Shields Increases
I think you're right about the effect that making only this change would have on space PvP. Paired with other options it might be good, but by itself I agree that it would lead to everybody being unkillable.

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2) Healing -OR- Damage Output Decreases
Let's divide the two parts of this further. Just like we talk about Spike and Pressure damage, we've got to talk about Active and Passive healing.

Massive spike is needed because of high levels of resists which can be reached and the likelihood of yo-yo active healing on a target which is not vaped in the space of a few seconds.

Pressure damage is washed away by passive healing and also affected heavily by high levels of resists.

So if we're talking about Healing Decreases, are we going after Active or Passive healing? Also, adjusting Healing and Damage is confounded by resists, but of course that's your third point.
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3) Reduction in Status Ability Effectiveness -OR- the Resistance Thereof
Yeah this is the real nature of the game, IMO. Somebody described it as an on/off state of the game at the moment. Sub-nuc is still king because un-buffed ships don't stand a chance.

What's the goal? To produce longer lasting matches in which ships are harder to kill but damage is also more likely to be permanent? To change the current reality of a ship with a buff bar wider than the mini map being nearly unkillable but exploding the moment those buffs are removed? Are you trying to get from Sacrifice of Angels to Wrath of Kahn?

Let me propose something to you that you may have the tech for. Grouping can adjust a player's level and the game can check to see whether or not I'm in a shuttle. Could you create tiered PvP queues? Tier 2 PvP, you can que with a Connie, Saber, Nova, QulDun, Somraw, or K'Tanco. You are scaled the same way as the Mirror Event. This is much more Wrath of Kahn. No store or rep consoles, things like the skill tree or captain powers are negotiable. This way if you don't like twitch flying or "P2W" you have a refuge. If you're going to have a PvP rep system then give a daily for each tier. Is this kind of thing possible?