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02-25-2013, 11:28 AM
The double the hull and shields thing, yeah it would make escorts be able to spike more especially ships like the new andorian i would imagine. Also yes i can see ships like carriers or heavy cruisers take almost forever to kill (not a bad thing tbh as they should be tough to kill like in the show kinda). But there needs to be some sort of way to avoid stacking as i think that i.e heal stacking resistance stacking would op the health and shields too much in this situation.

The 2nd option of healing or dmg reductions. Well im sure sci will kick off but then again other ships wouldnt hurt as much as they did before too so :/ Healing, well that would make healers in a team work even harder or they will just give up the job as they would need to do more than what they are capable of perhaps. Imo tho stackin dmg and stackin heals could be reduced but the powers left alone might be a better way to go around it?

3rd option. Im not really sure what this one is about.

A reduction of 100% stacking of any sort might be quite nice imo. i.e stacking heals making ships seem to survive forever seems a bit op to me. Similar for damage possibly but mainly the heals im worried about as when i ever try to do pvp which isnt alot i admit. There are just some players that do nothing but stack heals and resists which makes even the best setup futile even with a full team on 1 ship like an escort which i have seen once or twice survive a full assault from a decent team.

But thats just nitpicks. Anyhow said what i think about the 3 options or well 2 mainly.