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I wanted to start a thread about any projects that Foundry authors are working on, what they're learning, and what issues they're running into as a way to inspire and inform.

So the question is, "What are you working on right now?"

Did you learn how to do something cool in the Foundry while you were working on it?

Did you run into a problem with your project? Did you figure out a workaround?

I'll start.

The working title of my current project is "Incident at Melosia III". It was originally published as "Engineering Emergency" but it was too short to qualify for any rewards and really didn't resolve the overall plot introduced. So I am working on expanding it into a more complete mission, with some optional combat.

The basic premise is that a warp drive failure is tied into a diplomatic incident involving the transport of a team of diplomats.

This mission involves much heavier use of triggers than anything I've tried to do before.

One of the things I'm trying to do, which doesn't seem to be working as intended, was to set up an optional combat scenario involving rebel and loyalist forces. If you chose to support the rebels in the combat zone, you would fight loyalists and there would be rebel allies. And vice versa. Or you could avoid the combat zone altogether and go directly to the planet.

As of now, the thing basically spawns all of the combatants friend or foe. Makes for a cool light show involving hordes of shuttles and fighters, but not exactly what I was looking for. I'll be cleaning this up somehow.

I was able to set it up so that once you chose the rebels, you no longer had a choice to support the loyalists and vice versa. That part works great. I learned how to set up triggers based on the success of a dialogue and how to use failed dialogues to create conditional triggers.

I use one contact to send the player to one of three optional dialogues. One is supposed to set up a fight against the loyalists, supported by rebels. Another is supposed to do the opposite, and the third causes navigational beacons to appear and guide the player around the combat zone.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out how to make the choice "stick" once the diplomatic team is on the ground.

Still a work very much in progress, with somewhat more left to do. Yesterday I decided that I was making the player run around too much on the last map and began moving things around so that they don't have to run back and forth too much.
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