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02-25-2013, 11:36 AM
1. Increasing hit points / shields in space PVP - Real bad idea

We as Pandas have been in past matches with another fleet that have lasted 3+ hours - So, increasing the hit point / shields in space PVP would just likely result in a never ending story.

2. Healing / Damage output - In my opinion, Best it has ever been
As Ultimatum said earlier, its the passive heals and resistances that are the culprits - Remove this in PVP and i'm sure it will have a very positive effect.

As an example, splitting the borg set up with regards to the shield and hull heal proc was possibly the best thing to happen to PVP. This in turn enabled all the other sets to become really viable.
These are the types of moves you should be looking at.

Also, there is enough variety of various tac / Sci / Eng abilities available to make the arena interesting. However due to various issues / limitations, only a limited number of abilities are used in PVP. (I can do a googledoc on each and every single ability with regards to pvp to outline the pros and cons of each ability if requested)
If this was addressed at grass roots level, there would be significantly more variability to PVP.
Why is this important you may ask. Basically, if a premade of 5 players is set up in a certain manner, they are prepared for the majority of strategies the opposing team may bring significantly reducing the chance of being killed. Increase the variability, this scenario starts to deteriorate drastically resulting in more strategies being developed in turn increasing variability and enjoyment.

This in itself has a very high probability of breathing life back into PVP for the old timers and potentially attract new people to it as well.

3. Reduction in Status Ability Effectiveness -OR- the Resistance Thereof

This can potentially become unnecessary if you address the above. Although its an idea that has merit in itself as well.
If micro managed in a very, very controlled manner, this has the potential to transform the game in a good way. However, if it is managed like it has been historically, it can pretty much destroy the PVP element.

Based on the above statement, this strategy comes with very high risks associated with it personally making me go back to the statement I made for point 2.

This would have a much better chance of succeeding if it was implemented in an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary manner AFTER point 2 is addressed.

At the end of the day, reading your post in conjunction with all the other recent activities has given me personally a real warm feeling that we, the pvp community are finally getting the attention we deserve and PVP is actually being considered as truly viable end game content. That in itself is enough for me at this point in time.

Thanks for your time and help so far.


PS, Have you considered aspects of League of Legends, Mechwarriors Online or any other PVP orientated MMO you may be able to gain inspiration form *cough* steal with pride *cough*?
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